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Nomex SS Element, "MXD" Media

(High Temperature Media with SS ID/OD/EC and silicone adhesive, 99%+ removal efficiency to 5 µm)

Nomex Elements w/Stainless Steel ID/OD/Endcaps
Line Drawing


15MXK Nomex w/SS Mesh350.503.004.382.31
19MXK Nomex w/SS Mesh1001.503.004.384.75
31MXK Nomex w/SS Mesh1952.303.635.754.75
231MXK Nomex w/SS Mesh3004.503.635.759.50
35MXD Nomex w/SS Mesh2754.004.757.884.81
235MXD Nomex w/SS Mesh5708.304.757.889.63
335MXD Nomex w/SS Mesh80012.004.757.8814.50
245MXD Nomex w/SS Mesh88014.006.009.759.63
345MXD Nomex w/SS Mesh110022.106.009.7514.50
275MXD Nomex w/SS Mesh110019.008.0011.759.63
375MXD Nomex w/SS Mesh150028.008.0011.7514.50
377MXD Nomex w/SS Mesh182550.009.0014.6314.50
485MXD Nomex w/SS Mesh470575.0014.0019.6321.50
685MXD Nomex w/SS Mesh6600100.0014.0019.6328.50
843MXD Nomex w/SS Mesh550.602.383.882.75
849MXD Nomex w/SS Mesh1152.002.575.004.75
851MXD Nomex w/SS Mesh2904.503.505.888.75
385MXD Nomex w/SS Mesh330050.0014.0019.6314.50


  • Filter change out differential: 15-20" H2O over initial delta P
  • Less maintenance
  • More durable than paper media
  • Moisture resistant
  • Handles hot air and oil mist from unload cycle of reciprocating/piston compressor
  • Washable - lukewarm water & mild detergent (Replacing element is recommended)
  • Optimal sealing surface & design
  • Temp (continuous): min -15° F ( -26° C) max 385° F (196° C)
  • Reinforced with stainless steel support on both sides of cloth
  • 99%+ removal efficiency standard to 5 micron


  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Pneumatic Conveying Systems
  • Power Plants
  • Please see canister applications


  • Polyester - 1, 4, 25 & 100 micron
  • HEPA - 99.97% D.O.P. efficiency to 0.3 micron
  • Stainless Steel Nomex: High temperature Nomex cloth - 99+% efficient, Reinforces by stainless steel wire mesh & expanded metal
  • Activated carbon

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