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Power Generation

Eliminate visible oil mist emissions from power generation equipment.

Vapor Condensing Systems

Protect your vacuum pump from harmful vapors and liquids


Protect Hydraulic Tanks, Lube Oil Reservoirs and Gearboxes

See-Through Filters

Make Maintenance Checks Easier. Minimize Downtime. Reduce Costs.

Filtration for Blowers

Solberg has the Filter Silencer you Need!

Liquid Separators

Protection from damaging liquid & debris; See-Thru & Industrial Models

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Catalog/General Resources

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2016 Catalog Literature-US Measure

2016 complete Solberg catalog in US (Imperial units) measurements.

2016 English Catalogue Literature-Metric Measure

2016 complete Solberg catalogue in Metric measurements.

Gost-R certified to export to Russia

Gost-R Certified

Solberg is now registered to export to Russia

Filter Selection Guidelines

Helpful reference for sizing Solberg products.

Filtration Demonstrations

See how Solberg offers solutions that work. These are short YouTube videos demonstrating Solberg's filter solutions

RoHS Compliant

RoHS Compliant Filters

Solberg provides filters that are RoHS compliant as stated in European Union Directive 2002/95/EC.

Return Authorization Form

If you need to return a Solberg product, please contact Solberg

Terms and Conditions

Solberg's General Terms and Conditions of Sale


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