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Product Spotlights, Demonstrations

WL Series

Medium to High Vacuum Filtration

Compact Vacuum Filters

Minimize pressure drop and maximize footprint savings

SME Series

Oil Mist Eliminators

DSV Series

Two Stage Discharge Filter

ACV Series

Advanced Crankcase Ventilation

VTL Series, VTS Series

Vacuum Trap

Catalog/General Resources

Catalog/General Resources

Solberg offers our complete downloadable catalog and a variety of resources to help you succeed. Learn more about how to size a filter with our filtration and coalescing rules of thumb. See visual demonstrations showcasing our filtration solutions. There is also additional information that may be useful to you.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Learn more about some of the applications that Solberg has been involved in.  Many of them may be similar to yours.

New Developments

New Developments

Solberg’s latest filtration innovations are available here.  See our wide range of solutions designed to help you succeed.

Technical Manuals

Technical Manuals

Download maintenance manuals, technical documents, assembly instructions and white papers.

Photo Galleries

Photo Galleries

See some of the many applications and equipment types Solberg can help you with.  This is just a small sample of products and systems that we provide to protect mission critical machinery around the world.   

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