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Protect Hydraulic Tanks, Lube Oil Reservoirs and Gearboxes

Power Generation

Eliminate visible oil mist emissions from power generation equipment.

Compact ST & CT Series Sizes

1", 1-1/4", & 1-1/2" Connections for ST Series & CT Series Vacuum Filters

BBF Series Silencer Base Frame

Minimize footprint, cost and noise with ultra compact blower package.

ISO Flange Vacuum Filters

Wide variety of inlet vacuum filters with ISO-NW, -K Flanges

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See-Through Filters

Make Maintenance Checks Easier. Minimize Downtime. Reduce Costs.

Message from the Founder

Many people ask me what caused me to start Solberg. Having spent most of my career in sales, I was never quite satisfied. I wanted something more. I wanted the power to improve upon the products I sold. During a position selling electric motors, I became familiar with air compressors and blowers. It was then that I discovered the market’s need for an improved filter design. 

I made my first prototype for an inlet filter with a lower pressure drop and better silencing in 1966, and was pleased by the positive response I received. Thanks to a bit of creativity and a bit of luck, the first tubular filter silencer was born. Since then, the engineers at Solberg have continued to improve on this and many other innovative filter designs.

Today, thousands of customers depend on our filtration and separation products, and our business operations continue to expand worldwide. Our exceptional employees and suppliers go the extra mile in design, manufacturing, quality control and customer service, making Solberg the company it is today. 

Get to know us, explore our web site and check out our product lines. Work with us and you’ll see why so many people rely on us for all their filtration, silencing, and separation needs.

Charlie Solberg Sr.

"The Cheese"

Charlie Solberg Sr.

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