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See-Through Liquid Separator - STS Series

Section A 

INTRODUCTION The purpose of this manual is instruction for the proper assembly and care of Solberg STS Series. 

*WARNING* This manual must be read and thoroughly understood before using and caring for this STS unit.  Failure to comply could result in product/system contamination or personal injury. 

This manual should be used as a supplement to the user’s understanding of the proper care needed to maintain a safe and dependable STS unit.  It is the responsibility of the user to interpret and explain all instructions to persons who do not read or understand English BEFORE they are allowed to maintain and use this STS unit. 

This manual should be readily available to all operators responsible for operation and maintenance of the STS unit. 

We thank you for selecting products from Solberg Manufacturing, Inc.  We are confident that our superior filter designs will meet your application requirements. 

Section B 


All Solberg STS units have a “T” style inline connection.  Within the clear bucket is a tube assembly containing a ball float for flow shut-off.  A clear bucket is used  with a ¾” FPT drain connection for liquid removal.             

Section C 


*WARNING* Before installing any Solberg STS unit, it is essential that all packaging materials be removed properly, prior to start up, to avoid risk of contamination.   

1.    Installation.   

A. All STS units are designed in a “Straight Thru” pipe configuration.   

B. Direction of flow is typically from the outside of inner tube assembly to the inside of tube assembly to outlet of casting.   

C. Ensure that pipe/flange connections are adequately sealed so no leaks are present.   

D. Mounting orientation is casting on top and bucket below so liquid can drain to bottom of bucket for removal.     

2.    Removing Bucket. 

*WARNING* System must be off and canister must be relieved of vacuum before opening.  Proper personal protection equipment must be worn when servicing canister.  Failure to comply with these instructions could result in implosion or personal injury. 

A. Turn off vacuum pump/system. 

B. Loosen T-Bolt clamps or release the torsion clips. 

C. Remove clear bucket from casting.   

3.    Removing Tube Assembly for service/maintenance. 

A. Tube will be secured in place with a high tension clamp.  Remove clamp and tube assembly will drop out of canister. 

B. Tube assembly can be cleaned from dirt particulate for better flow results. 

*WARNING* Failure to comply with these instructions may result in system contamination. 

4.    Securing Tube Assembly. 

A. Insert tube assembly over extruded ring within casting. 

B. Secure high tension clamp over tube assembly and tighten down on extruded ring within casting.  Note: Do NOT over tighten! 

*WARNING* Defective installation may cause system contamination.  Use only genuine Solberg replacement parts.   

Section D 


1.    Always check replacement o-rings/gaskets to insure they are seated uniformly along the casting flange during installation.  If o-rings/gaskets do not seat properly or are damaged in some manner, contact Solberg Manufacturing, Inc. immediately. 

2.    Always check inlets/outlets of casting during service for heavy particulate buildup or collection. 

3.    Operate only when a proper seal exist.

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