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Compact ST & CT Series Sizes

1", 1-1/4", & 1-1/2" Connections for ST Series & CT Series Vacuum Filters

ISO Flange Vacuum Filters

Wide variety of inlet vacuum filters with ISO-NW, -K Flanges

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ATEX Assemblies & Elements

Solberg offers ATEX Certified Filters Assemblies & Elements

Liquid Separators

Protection from damaging liquid & debris; See-Thru & Industrial Models


Protect Hydraulic Tanks, Lube Oil Reservoirs and Gearboxes

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Serious about Sustainability

NEW December 2017: Please see, on the bottom right column,  our recently released Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report for 2016.




Our first step towards a more environmentally friendly business plan was a thorough examination of our entire operation. We scrutinized our past design, manufacturing and distribution processes to identify how to develop and implement more sustainable practices. 

By working as a team towards this goal, our efforts not only lessen Solberg’s impact on the environment, but also encourage Solberg employees and the people we meet to strive for the same in their daily lives. 

Here are some of the other ways we have demonstrated a serious commitment to the environment:

  • We have created the position of Sustainability Manager so our commitment to the programs


  • we have installed and for the long term attention required to continually lessen our impact.

  • We have partnered with Energy Star to monitor energy, natural gas and water usage

  • We offset 100 percent of our electricity usage through certified renewable energy credits.

  • We were awarded the U.S. EPA’s Green Power Certificate of Partnership for our efforts to reduce the risk of climate change

  • We reuse, recycle, and continue to search for new ways to divert as much waste as possible from landfills

  • Our sustainability manager is LEED AP certified, and we are making efforts to get our manufacturing plants and processes LEED certified 

  • Solberg is REACH and RoHs compliant

  • As part of a continued focus on social and corporate responsibility, we are developing an environmental management system to document and monitor our environmental efforts with the goal of implementing more sustainable practices in the future.

  • Solberg Manufacturing Inc. is a certified B Corporation!  Certified B Corporations have to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance.  It is a new kind of company which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental issues.

  • In an effort to be a responsible neighbor, we donate 1% of sales every year to various charities and causes.

Certificate: US Environmental Protection Agency Combined Heat & Power Partnership for Solberg's environmental efforts

Solberg's Corporate Environmental Questionnaire

Solberg is a Certified B Corp

2016 CSR Benefits Report

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