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Compact Vacuum Filters

Minimize pressure drop and maximize footprint savings


Product Spotlights, Demonstrations

DSV Series

Two Stage Discharge Filter

ACV Series

Advanced Crankcase Ventilation

VTL Series, VTS Series

Vacuum Trap

WL Series

Medium to High Vacuum Filtration

Vapor Condensing Systems

Protect your vacuum pump from harmful vapors and liquids

2016 English Catalogue Literature-Metric Measure

Solberg's catalogue is now available in metric measure and in imperial measure!  The catalogue has been completely revamped with a new layout and new graphics.  There are new products and new technical data to help you find the product you need.


Catalogue Highlights:

Updated Product Overview Section!

New Technical Data Sections!

ST Series (See-Through Vacuum Filters)!

Find out what Sumo Class Filters are!

Scrubber Datasheet for Natural Gas Applications!

ISO Flange Inlet Vacuum Filters!

See information about Oil Mist Eliminators for Reciprocating Engines & Crankcase Ventilation Systems!

Find out how our RX Series can protect your vacuum pumps in Solar & Semi-Con applications!

Ask about our ATEX, PED & ASME Vessel capabilities!

See the links on the right to download a PDF version of the catalogue.

If you would like to receive a bounded catalogue, please contact your local Solberg representative or contact Solberg direct.

Click here if you would like to download the Solberg catalogue with imperial measurements.

Solberg Overview Section

Inlet Filter Silencers/Silencers-Metric

Inlet Filter Assemblies/Extreme Duty-Metric

Inlet Vacuum Filters and Separators-Metric

Vacuum Pump Oil Mist Filters-Metric

Oil Mist Eliminators for Power Generation (Recip Engines, Crankcase Ventilation, Marine) – Metric

Replacement Filter Elements and Coalescing Separators – Metric

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