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SME Series

Oil Mist Eliminators

Compact Vacuum Filters

Minimize pressure drop and maximize footprint savings


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DSV Series

Two Stage Discharge Filter

ACV Series

Advanced Crankcase Ventilation

VTL Series, VTS Series

Vacuum Trap

WL Series

Medium to High Vacuum Filtration

Vapor Condensing Systems

Vapor Condensing Systems

Cooling Technology

Operating Principle

Solberg’s vapor condensing trap systems are designed to protect equipment from harmful vapors and liquids that can break down pump oils and destroy a pump’s inner workings.  Vapor removal is accomplished through transitioning a substance from a gaseous state to a liquid or solid state and collecting any condensed material that accumulates.

- Process flow containing vaporized contaminant enters chilled vessel.

- Flow is directed through an efficient heat exchanger pack and coolant jacket combination or a cooling coil system which reduces temperatures below a contaminant’s boiling point and facilitates condensing of vapor.

- Final stage dual-type activated carbon filter element  or demister captures residual uncondensed vapors and particulate.

- Note: System effectiveness depends on several factors including the physical properties of the compound being transitioned, concentration levels, process temperature, process flow and pressure levels.

Contact factory for more information and to provide application specific data. You can also fill out the Requirements and Recommendation form on the right bottom bar and send it to Solberg.  See here to contact Solberg.



JRS Series

Technical Specifications

- Vacuum Rating: Helium leak tested for 1 x 10 -3 mbar liter/sec leakage rate (Std.)

- Replaceable Filter Element: Dual-type activated carbon for greater efficiency with particulate filtration layer.



- Removable heat exchanger fin pack for ease of cleaning and long lasting optimum performance

- Coolant Jacket System

- Durable carbon steel construction

- Coolant entry and discharge ports

- Removable bottom for full accessibility

- 1” liquid level port

- 2” drain port

- 1/4” inlet/outlet taps on 3” and DN65 and larger




- Wire mesh strainer element

- Stainless steel construction (304, 316)

- Additional ports, vacuum gauges

- Electronic drain package

- Leg supports

 - Davit arm

JST / JCT Series


- Removable heat exchanger fin pack for ease of cleaning and long lasting optimum performance

- Coolant Jacket System

- Stainless steel demister pad

- Compact housing for minimal footprint

- Removable bottom for full accessibility

- Coolant entry and discharge ports

- 1” drain port

- JCT Series: Carbon steel holding bucket

- JST Series: Durable see-through bucket


- Additional ports

- Vacuum gauge

- Bracket/leg supports

- Extended bucket available on 3” & 4” connections

Filters with Cooling Coil Technology


- Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel tubing

- Coil tubing maximizes cooling surface area

- Coolant entry and discharge ports

- Stainless steel fittings incorporate a bore through design with an o-ring groove so the coil is removable and serviceable

- Multiple connecion sizes and types available for process flow and water coolant tie points

- Cooling coils may be integrated on a variety of standard Solberg vacuum filter models

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