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Two Stage Discharge Filter


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Photo Gallery: See-Through Filters

Friday, May 18, 2018

Solberg offers a wide range of inlet vacuum filters, separators and traps with strong, shatter resistant see-through housings, (holding bucket)  By using a Solberg filter with a see-through housing you help make maintenance checks easier, downtime is minimized, and costs are reduced by keeping your equipment running.

See the variety of configurations available to you with Solberg's See-Through Filter Assemblies

ST Series: Inlet Particulate Vacuum Filters (Typically stock quantities)

STS Series: Liquid Separators

JST Series: Vapor Condensing Traps


SpinMeister Series: Extreme Duty Particulate Filters

RST Series:  Reverse Pulse Filters

HV Series: Vacuum Pump Filters for Medical Facilities

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