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WL Series

Medium to High Vacuum Filtration

Compact Vacuum Filters

Minimize pressure drop and maximize footprint savings

SME Series

Oil Mist Eliminators

DSV Series

Two Stage Discharge Filter

ACV Series

Advanced Crankcase Ventilation

VTL Series, VTS Series

Vacuum Trap

Our Mission

   We partner with our customers, colleagues, & suppliers to help them innovate and discover new possibilities. 

Around the world, we engineer, manufacture, and deliver solutions for the equipment that powers our lives. From compressors to turbines, vacuum pumps to reciprocating engines, Solberg’s filtration, silencing and separation products can be found on the most challenging applications.


For more than 40 years, we have embraced the ideal of industrial growth while advocating environmental responsibility. We are committed to providing products and systems that protect mission critical machinery while safeguarding the surrounding environment. We believe these worldwide commitments help better communities, encourage the achievement of our employees and help our customers to succeed.


 An Imagination for Innovation

We believe that curiosity, imagination and an insatiable appetite for learning are crucial in helping to solve our customers’ complex filtration challenges. At Solberg, we never stop looking for ways to improve current products and create smart new solutions that meet market needs.

A Dedication to Partnership

We’re more than a source for quality filtration, silencing and separation products—we act as a true partner to all of our customers. We approach each customer challenge with enthusiasm, creativity and expertise, and enjoy finding tailored solutions for unique situations.

A Commitment to the Environment

At Solberg, we embrace industrial growth and innovation while still advocating environmental responsibility. We maintain a strong focus on the development of   sustainable solutions that protect mission critical machinery and the surrounding environment. 


Our Guiding Principles


We Succeed as a Family

We are committed and accountable to our business family.  Our ability to connect and care for each other ensures our well-being.


We Do the Right Thing

We can be trusted to keep our promises and treat others as we would like to be treated.


We Endeavor to be the Best

We attract, develop, and empower great people.  We continually seek ways to improve everything we do.


We Take Care of the Customer

We partner with our customers by innovating and responding to their needs.  We do whatever it takes to ensure their satisfaction.


We Play Hard to Win

We rise to every challenge.  Our strong work ethic and desire to succeed drives us to outperform the competition.

We Love our Planet

Everyday we all do our part to lessen the environmental impact of our business.  We actively seek ways to protect and preserve our environment.

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