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Minimize pressure drop and maximize footprint savings

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Blowers and Fans

Our blower and fan product lines are designed to be compact and low-maintenance. They deliver excellent filtration and noise reduction while minimizing pressure-drop contribution. Solberg silencing and filtration products are compatible with almost all major international blower and fan equipment brands. Thanks to this flexibility and quality, we count many satisfied customers in areas related to pneumatic conveying, vacuum lifting, printing presses, drying systems, dental equipment, wastewater treatment, aeration, vacuum transport, gas boosting and more.

Here are some of our top product lines for the blower market.  See our Products pages for the complete list.

• Inlet Filtration and Silencing (Pressure System Applications)

o 2G Series
– Premium-grade silencer filters reduce overall blower package height (For use with PD blowers)

o LQB Series
– Lateral-access silencer filters have an easy-access side element port that reduces overall height of sound enclosures (For use with PD blowers packages)

o QB Series
– Inlet silencer filters (For use with PD blowers)

o FS Series
– Inlet filters with integrated silencing tubes for noise reduction

– Tubular silencers (For use with regenerative blowers)

o F Series
– Inlet filter assemblies designed for minimal pressure drop

o SpinMeister Filter Series (SM Series)
– Offers dual-stage filtration to protect equipment in applications where extreme amounts of contaminant may clog standard filters in a short time period


• Inlet Filtration  (Vacuum System Applications) 

o CSL Series – Industrial-duty inlet vacuum filters with a variety of flows and connections

o ST Series
– See-through inlet vacuum filters designed for easy maintenance

o CT Series
– Compact straight-through style vacuum filters with integrated baffle system

o VS/VL Series

• Discharge Silencing and Base Frame
o BBF Series
– Ultra-compact blower base frame has an integrated discharge silencer and minimizes PD-blower package footprint

o Snubber
– Discharge silencer that may be added to the outlet port of the blower package of vacuum packages that need additional noise reduction

CT Series inlet vacuum filter used on a regenerative blower in a wastewater application.
This is Solberg's BBF series compact discharge silencer base for the PD blower market used for the WEFTEC trade show in the USA.
The 2G Premium Silencer Filter is used on the inlet of PD Blower packages.  Integrated silencing technology reduces noise and the overall height of your package.

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