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Protect Hydraulic Tanks, Lube Oil Reservoirs and Gearboxes

Power Generation

Eliminate visible oil mist emissions from power generation equipment.

Vapor Condensing Systems

Protect your vacuum pump from harmful vapors and liquids

Compact ST & CT Series Sizes

1", 1-1/4", & 1-1/2" Connections for ST Series & CT Series Vacuum Filters

Liquid Separators

Protection from damaging liquid & debris; See-Thru & Industrial Models

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Pneumatic Conveying

Solberg offers a wide variety of products for use in the pneumatic conveying market. We cover both pressure and vacuum applications with compact, easy-to-maintain and effective products that offer superior filtration characteristics and noise-reduction properties. Whatever your needs, we have the knowledge and resources to work with you to offer a standard product or develop a custom solution.

Here are some of our top product lines for the pneumatic conveying market.  See our Products pages for the complete list.

• Inlet Filtration and Silencing
o 2G Series – Premium-grade silencer filters that reduce overall blower package height (For use with PD blowers)
o BBF Series – Ultra-compact blower base frame with integrated discharge silencer and minimized PD blower package footprint
o FS Series – Inlet filters with integrated silencing tubes for noise reduction
o SLCR/SLCRT Series – Tubular silencers (For use with regenerative blowers)
o F Series – Compact filters designed for minimal pressure drop
o SpinMeister Filter Series (SM Series)– Extreme-duty filters for dirty environments


• Inlet Vacuum Filtration
o CSL Series – Compact inlet vacuum filters with a variety of flows and connections
o ST Series – See-through "T" style filters with integrated baffle system. The see-through bucket allows for easy maintenance
o CT Series – Straight-through style filters with integrated baffle system

Example of a ultra compact blower base frame package using Solberg's BBF Series, silencer base frame and the 2G Series, premium grade silencer filter.  This package reduces the footprint and cost of your package.
ST Series, inlet vacuum filter with see-through housing for easy visual maintenancne checks

Typical Pneumatic Conveying Installation

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