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The Challenge

An existing Ariel JGH/2 compressor Operator in Pennsylvania had an operational problem in a gas turbine booster application.

The compressor system was designed to feed compressed natural gas into a turbine at a constant discharge pressure.

The actual gas flow in the application is based on the requirements of the turbine which is dictated by the power demand on the system.

The existing suction scrubber was undersized and inadequately removed water from the moist gas stream.

As a result, the compression rate and required pressure were difficult to maintain.

The Equipment

Turbine Model:
Ariel JGH/2

Flow Rate:
300 ACFM

Gas Temperature:
100 Degrees F

Operating Pressure:
125 PSI

Gas Stream:
Saturated Methane

The Solution

Solberg built a 150 PSI rated ASME code pressure vessel (PCSS Series) to replace the existing suction scrubber. The vessel was equipped with a Teflon coated polyester filter element (99.97% efficient for water and fine particulate removal.) The element is designed to have a service interval of one year, which makes it maintenance free.

The solution was devised in conjunction with the Operator. The solution fit into their existing piping arrangement and was installed with minimal system modifications.


The Operator handled the installation at their plant in Pennsylvania. Solberg technical support and engineering were in constant communication with the Operator during the process to ensure all questions were answered and challenges resolved.

System Components

Inlet/Outlet: Raised face 150 pound ANSI flanges

Internal Separator Element: Designed to be 99.97% efficient for water and fine particulate removal from the saturated gas stream. Built with Teflon coated polyester media and stainless steel components

Leg Supports: Specifically sized to allow for easy installation into the Operator’s existing piping

Drain Port: This 1/2” port is included to conveniently drain any collected water



Periodic reviews are conducted to ensure that all needs are met. At this point, the Operator is pleased with the water removal and more efficient compressor performance.

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