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STS Series: Liquid separator with see-through housing bucket available in 2", 2-1/2", 3" and 4" FPT connections.

• Protect Vacuum Pump & Systems

• See Through Housing

• Vacuum Tested
• Save Costs



• Easy visual inspection for simplified maintenance
• Prohibit liquid and debris from damaging vacuum valves and pumps
• Easy release configuration for disassembly (No tools needed)
• Minimize piping costs with “T” style configuration




• Inlet air with potentially harmful liquid and large particulate enters the STS and is separated by a baffling mechanism and directional air flow changes.
• The larger particles and liquid drops down and collects at the bottom of the separator.
• The float ball within the separator screen rises with the liquid level until max capacity and cuts off the flow thereby protecting the pump from damage.



Applications and Equipment

• Food packaging
• Soil remediation
• Metal processing/chip processing
• Vacuum pumps & systems



Features and Specifications

• High impact, shatter resistant see through polycarbonate bucket
• Corrosion resistant cast aluminum head with integrated knock-out baffle
• Cast head includes tap hole guides for mounting brackets
• 50 mesh 304SS separator screen prevents large debris from entering pump
• Stainless steel float ball for emergency shut off
• Clamp style T-bolts for 3” & 4” connections
• Durable stainless steel torsion clips for 2” & 2-1/2” connections
• 3/4” FPT drain
• 1/4” differential gauge ports
• Compact design for space restrictions
• Temperature Ratings: - Complete Assembly max: 220°F - See-Through bucket max: 290°F



Options (Inquiries Encouraged)

• Cast head protective coatings: Stainless steel coating, epoxy finish, Teflon finish
• Float level port and switch
• Heavy duty carbon steel buckets available with 2” to 6” FPT connections
• Accessories: Vacuum gauges, valves

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