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ATEX Assemblies & Elements

Solberg offers ATEX Certified Filters Assemblies & Elements

Filtration for Blowers

Solberg has the Filter Silencer you Need!

Power Generation

Eliminate visible oil mist emissions from power generation equipment.

Vapor Condensing Systems

Protect your vacuum pump from harmful vapors and liquids

Compact ST & CT Series Sizes

1", 1-1/4", & 1-1/2" Connections for ST Series & CT Series Vacuum Filters

ISO Flange Vacuum Filters

Wide variety of inlet vacuum filters with ISO-NW, -K Flanges

Solberg en Español

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Solberg History

In 1966, Charles H. Solberg Sr. invented a new tubular silencer design for small air compressors. Two years later, Solberg was founded. Since then, our successes have been possible thanks to a creative and dedicated team of professionals, quality product, and most of all, our customers. 

In the future, we see Solberg as a fully integrated, worldwide network. With state-of-the-art facilities, aggressive R&D and our exceptional team, we will continue to grow as a dominant player in each market we serve. 

Solberg Timeline

  • 1966  Charlie Solberg Sr. invents a new tubular silencer, FS Series, for the small air compressor market
  • 1968  Solberg Distributing, Inc. is incorporated
  • 1977  Company name is changed to Solberg Manufacturing, Inc. and relocates to Itasca, IL (Chicago area)
  • 1978  Solberg introduces filter line to the regenerative and PD blower market
  • 1982 

  • Solberg introduces inlet vacuum filters, CSL Series to the regenerative blower and rotary vane vacuum pump markets
  • Solberg enters the Canadian market through a partnership with Cameron Products 
  • Solberg introduces oil mist exhaust filters for the direct drive high vacuum pump market
  • 1986  
  • Charles H. Solberg, Jr. patents a new filter making process
  • Solberg introduces filter silencer line for the 3 HP compressor market
  • 1989  Solberg expands sales territory to parts of Europe
  • 1990  Solberg expands sales territory to Japan
  • 1991  Solberg begins to offer most product lines in stainless steel
  • 1992  Solberg is first to introduce integrated silencer filter line, 2G Series for blower market
  • 1993  Solberg introduces 3" and 4" T- style inlet vacuum filters, CT Series
  • 1994  Solberg International, Ltd. is established and becomes Solberg’s sole international distributor
  • 1995  Central/Eastern European sales office established 
  • 1996  Central American sales office established
  • 1997  International expansion continues as Solberg now serves more than 40 countries
  • 1998  Solberg introduces process water filter for plastics industry
  • 1999  
  • Solberg is the first company in the filter manufacturing industry to offer an eCommerce Web site
  • Solberg introduces ATS Series as a complete air/oil separation system for vacuum pumps
  • 2000  
  • English sales office established
  • Solberg introduces SpinMeister Inlet Filter Series and SpinMeister Vacuum Filter Series for severe-duty applications such as routers, cement plant or foundry applications
  • Solberg introduces PS Series filter for the light-duty, small compressor market
  • Scandinavian sales office established
  • 2001  
  • Solberg introduces Spin-on style air/oil separators for compressor market
  • Solberg introduces BBF Series discharge silencer base frames for the blower market
  • 2002  
  • Solberg introduces integrated liquid separator/vacuum filter, LRS Series, for the vacuum pump market
  • Solberg begins fabrication of filter range in Europe
  • Benelux sales office established
  • 2003  
  • Solberg introduces ST Series see-through inlet vacuum filters
  • Solberg introduces wide range of ASME code, PED and ATEX rated filters
  • Brazilian sales and manufacturing company established
  • 2004  
  • Slovakian sales and manufacturing company established
  • Chinese sales office established
  • Solberg introduces BAE Series for the power generation market  
  • 2005  European distribution center established in Temse, Belgium 
  • 2006  
  • Mexican sales and distribution facility established
  • Chinese sales and manufacturing facility established 
  • 2007
  • Solberg introduces Scrubber Vessels and Elements for natural gas industry
  • Solberg introduces ISO flanged inlet vacuum filters
  • Solberg Intl. (KK) founded in Yokohama Japan 
  • Poland sales office established
  • 2008 
  • Solberg introduces STS Series, compact see-through liquid separators
  • Solberg expands sales to South Korea
  • Solberg introduces helium-leak tested filter range for solar and semiconductor markets
  • RX Series, extreme duty reverse pulse vacuum filter, designed for the Solar, Semi-Con, LED, & Coating industries is introducted
  • 2009 Solberg introduces HV Series, inlet vacuum filter system for medical/hospital work environment markets 
  • 2011
  • Solberg Manufacturing Inc becomes a certified B Corp.
  • Solberg Australia sales and distribution office established
  • 2013 Solberg Manufacturing Inc becomes a Benefit Corporation member.

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