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ISO Flange Vacuum Filters

Wide variety of inlet vacuum filters with ISO-NW, -K Flanges

VTL Series, VTS Series

Vacuum Trap

SME Series

Oil Mist Eliminators


Product Spotlights, Demonstrations

WL Series

Medium to High Vacuum Filtration

RST Series 1” - 4”

RST-Series Datasheet US

HV Series 1” - 4”

Medical Vacuum Filtration

Miniature Plastic Filter Silencers

"PS" Series with "Hockey Puck" Patented Element. 

For all Light Duty Applications, Solberg has the Miniature Breather/ Filter Silencer for you.



- Maximized surface area over cartridge style element in reduced space 
- Low Restriction improves equipment performance 
- Cost efficient 
- Increased aftermarket sales revenue with patented design 
- Reduced warranty return costs



Applications and Equipment

- Breathers 
- Inlet Filtration 
- Industrial Vacuum Cleaners 
- DIY Equipment 
- PD Blowers 
- Breathers 
- Inlet Filtration 
- Industrial Vacuum Cleaners 
- DIY Equipment 
- PD Blowers 
- Fuel Cells 
- Hobby 
- Oil-Less/Portable Comp. 
- Inquiries Encouraged



Features and Specifications

- Easy snap on/off housing makes servicing quick 
- Durable glass reinforced nylon housing 
- Compact, low profile design is maintenance friendly 
- Silencing tubes reduce noise of equipment 
- Patented High Grade filter element w/ Built-in Vacuum Tight Seal 
- Paper media: 99%+ efficiency to 2 micron 
- Polyester media: 99%+ efficiency to 25 micron 
- Temp (continuous): min -15°F (-26°C ) max 220°F (104°C )

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