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ISO Flange Vacuum Filters

Wide variety of inlet vacuum filters with ISO-NW, -K Flanges

VTL Series, VTS Series

Vacuum Trap

SME Series

Oil Mist Eliminators


Product Spotlights, Demonstrations

WL Series

Medium to High Vacuum Filtration

DSV Series

Two Stage Discharge Filter

ACV Series

Advanced Crankcase Ventilation

Photovoltaic Manufacturing Vacuum Filters

We understand the complex challenges of the solar market and offer solutions for wafer grinding, polishing, ablating and more. Our products are designed to protect equipment from damaging process particulate, while allowing optimal system performance. Our filters are efficient over prolonged periods of time thanks to their large holding capacities and minimal conductance. We also offer filters with self-cleaning capabilities that are designed to minimize downtime and extend intervals for equipment maintenance.




Prevent particles from mixing with rotary piston lubricating oil
Safeguard pumps from dust particles and harmful SiO and SiO2
Dry screw, claw and booster vacuum pumps & systems
Protect the system from pump fluid or particulate back-streaming
Mono & single crystalline PV manufacturing
Metal degassing
Vacuum furnaces
Vacuum coating and lamination



Standard Features

PTFE Media: 99.97% removal efficiency standard to 0.3 micron
Integrated support stand with guides simplifies maintenance
Durable carbon or all stainless steel construction
High conductance design
Integrated Reverse Pulse Technology unloads and extends filter life improving maintenance intervals and up time
Dutch Twill Media: 99% removal efficiency standard to 5 micron
Interchangeable cartridge provides for easy clean replacement
Helium leak testing ensures vacuum integrity
Vacuum level: Typically 1x10-3 mbar L/sec
Temp (continuous): 275°F (135°C) - PTFE; 401°F (205°C) - Dutch Twill
Large holding capacity extends maintenance intervals




Valves available for semi or fully automated system operation
Application specific filtration and industrial coating solutions PTFE, epoxy
Parallel filtration system allows each vessel to operate independently for continuous service during element replacement
ASME, PED, ATEX Certified housings
Custom inlet and outlet flange connections and design orientation

Photovoltaic Manufacturing Vacuum Filter, RX Series

Photovoltaic Extreme Duty Filtration, RX Series

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