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Lateral Access Pressure/Vacuum Filters-IVPL Series

Lateral Access Pressure/Vacuum Filters-IVPL Series

Compact Inlet Vacuum Filters-CSL Series

Compact Inlet Vacuum Filters-CSL Series


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FST Series 1½" - 8" Multi-App Filters

(Flexible and Multi-Application Filters (Both Pressure and Vacuum Apps) for the PD Blower Industry. Up to 1800 SCFM (3060 m3/hr))

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Pressure/Vacuum Application Filters-FST Series


MediaInletOutletStyleDim ADim BDim CDim DDim ERated
FST-235P-400T/300 Polyester4.003.00Tube | MPT18.343.0012.008.5014.003005703 - 4 Weeks


  • Designed to be used in both inlet pressure and vacuum applications
  • Easily retrofit filter to accomodate the environment
  • "L" style inlet filter: Side inlet tube and bottom outlet port
  • Center bracket located for minimal flow restriction
  • Corrosive resistant carbon steel construction with powder coat finish
  • Vacuum levels to 16"Hg (Non-gas tight)
  • 99%+ removal efficiency standard Polyester: 5 microns, Paper: 2 microns
  • Temp (continuous): min -15° F ( -26° C) max 220° F (104° C)
  • Filter change out differential: 10"-15" in H2O over initial delta P


  • Blowers-PD Type
  • Blowers-Side Channel
  • Remote draw air intake
  • Industrial & Severe Duty
  • Compressor-Screw
  • Vacuum Pumps & Systems
  • Engines
  • Agricultural and Mining Machines
  • Construction\Contractor Industry
  • Pneumatic Conveying Systems
  • Waste Water Aeration


  • Multi-Stage filtration with SpinMeister Precleaner or Slip Fit Element
  • Pressure drop indicator
  • Stainless steel housings available
  • Epoxy coated finish
  • Various media available
  • Special connections

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