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Integrated Liquid Separator/Vacuum Filter (SRS Series)

Integrated Liquid Separator/Vacuum Filter (SRS Series)


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LRS Series Liquid Separator/Vacuum Filter

("L" Style. Minimize your vacuum package footprint with this integrated solution)

Integrated Liquid Separator/Vacuum Filter, LRS Series
LRS Series 3D CAD Drawing


MediaInletOutletStyleDim ADim BDim CDim DRated
LRS-19-075HC Polyester0.750.75FPT17.000.757.693.00600 - 1 Week
LRS-19-100HC Polyester1.001.00FPT17.000.757.693.00850 - 1 Week
LRS-19-125HC Polyester1.251.25FPT18.000.757.693.00850 - 1 Week
LRS-19-150HC Polyester1.501.50FPT18.000.757.693.001000 - 1 Week
LRS-237-200HC Polyester2.002.00FPT22.250.7512.006.001353 - 4 Weeks
LRS-237-250C Polyester2.502.50FPT24.382.8812.006.001953 - 4 Weeks
LRS-237-300C Polyester3.003.00FPT25.132.8812.006.003000 - 1 Week
LRS-275-400F Polyester4.004.00FLG39.3812.0017.189.005203 - 4 Weeks
LRS-275-600F Polyester6.006.00FLG39.3812.0017.189.008303 - 4 Weeks


  • Filter change out differential: 15-20" H2O over initial delta P
  • Compact design for space restrictions
  • 99%+ removal efficiency standard to 5 micron
  • Significant liquid holding capacity
  • Multiple stage filtration: Integrated baffle system & primary 99% efficient filter element
  • For aerosol apps, no additional knock-out pot or separator needed
  • Wide range of operation flows
  • Corrosion resistant carbon steel construction
  • High efficiency separation & multistage filtration
  • 1/4" inlet/outlet taps (select models)
  • 1" NPSC drain and sight port
  • Vacuum Rating: Medium vacuum service
  • Simplified vacuum package: 2 functions in 1 (liquid separator & inlet air filter)
  • Protects pump from harmful liquids that breaks down lubricating/sealing oil
  • Lower costs from unnecessary piping
  • Prevents emulsification of oil in oil lubricated systems
  • Reduce footprint with compact design
  • Blue epoxy coating


  • Chemical Processing
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Vacuum Pumps & Systems
  • Food Processing
  • The integrated liquid separator and vacuum filter is primarily used in air process systems where water or solvents need to be separated before the air reaches the air pump.
  • Chip Processing


  • ASME & PED rated housings
  • Safety switch port for high liquid warning
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Extended bucket for additional holding capacity
  • Preseparator stainless steel demister
  • Stainless steel wire mesh preseparator element: (Stainless steel construction recommended)
  • Support legs, lifting lugs, vacuum gauges
  • Drain packages
  • Nonstandard finishes
  • Nonstandard filter media

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