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RST Series Rev.Pulse Vacuum Extreme Duty Filter

(Reverse Pulse See Through Inlet Vacuum Filters)

Reverse Pulse Vacuum Filters (RST Series)


RST Series Contact Solberg for models and availability.


  • Built in baffle design
  • Inlet air enters canister above element which extends element life and maintenance intervals
  • Compact design for space restrictions
  • Temp ratings: Complete Assembly-220° F (104° C), See-Through Bucket-290° F (143° C)
  • Easy maintenance due to easy accessible element
  • Vacuum rating: Gas tight seal
  • Reduce downtime by eliminating need to shut down your system to clean/check filter
  • 3/4" tap on center of cast head for compressed air line
  • Pulse technology releases bursts of air to the I.D. of the filter element; purging the dirt and debris to the base of the shell and extending element service life
  • Sturdy swing "claw" bolts clamps bucket in place and allows for easy servicing
  • Bucket made from polycarbonate material; tested to withstand impacts and fractures
  • High heat resistance for sterile environments


  • Ash Handling
  • Cement
  • Paper Processing
  • Pneumatic Conveying Systems
  • Vacuum Pumps & Systems
  • Woodworking
  • Routing Industry


  • Extended Shell for High Holding Capacity
  • Electrical package to regulate compressed air pulse
  • For harsh environments, heavy duty carbon steel bucket available

Product Documents

Reverse Pulse Vacuum Filters Datasheet

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