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Spin-On Style Separators, LG Series

(Spin-On Air/Oil Separators)

Spin On Air/Oil Separators
Line Drawing


MediaOutletStyleDim ADim BDim CDim DDim ERated
LGM2212 Separator22.00Metric5.002.502.883.003.00350 - 1 Week
LGM2460 Separator24.00Metric6.882.502.883.753.75630 - 1 Week
LGM2470 Separator24.00Metric8.382.502.883.753.75700 - 1 Week
LGM3290 Separator32.00Metric10.383.634.004.254.251400 - 1 Week
LGM39300 Separator39.00Metric6.884.004.385.445.441050 - 1 Week
LGM39400 Separator39.00Metric12.004.004.385.445.441950 - 1 Week


  • Maximum operating pressure" 235 psig (16 bar)
  • Elements withstand pressure differences up to 71 psig (5 bar)
  • At 100 psig (7 bar) operating pressure the pressure drop at nominal flow is approx. 3.6 psig (0.2 bar)
  • Easy Maintenance: Simply apply oil film on the gasket and tighten element by hand; no additional equipment is necessary (use strap wrench if preferred)
  • Service life of element is capable up to several thousand hours under normal conditions
  • Zinc-plated steel housing and endcaps with zinc passivated flange
  • Glass media for efficient air/oil separation
  • Oil residual content of the compressed air can attain up to 3 ppm (3mg/m3) separation efficiency
  • Temp (continuous): min -40° F (-40° C) max 248° F (120° C)
  • Filter change out differential: 1.2 bar increase


  • Compressor-Piston
  • Compressor-Screw


  • Special connections
  • Imprinting and blind units
  • Heads and adapters for separators
  • Separator elements with drains
  • Oil filters - contact for availability and sizes

Product Documents

Spin On Air/Oil Separators

Air/Oil Separator Elements: Spin On/ Top Hat - Int'l

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