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Extreme Duty Compact SpinMeister Filters

Extreme Duty Compact SpinMeister Filters

Extreme Duty Big Boy SpinMeister Filters

Extreme Duty Big Boy SpinMeister Filters

Extreme Duty SpinMeister Filter, ST-SMA Series

Extreme Duty SpinMeister Filter, ST-SMA Series


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SMA Series, Aluminum SpinMeister Precleaners

(Extreme Duty Aluminum SpinMeister Precleaner)


SMA2 2.00Slip Fit Tube201102.004.753.003 - 4 Weeks
SMA2.5 2.50Slip Fit Tube1002002.506.004.253 - 4 Weeks
SMA3 3.00Slip Fit Tube1403003.008.254.751 - 2 Weeks
SMA4 4.00Slip Fit Tube1403503.008.254.750 - 1 Week
SMA4.5 4.50Slip Fit Tube3006004.5010.637.133 - 4 Weeks
SMA5 5.00Slip Fit Tube3006005.0010.637.133 - 4 Weeks
SMA6 6.00Slip Fit Tube4008506.0010.637.133 - 4 Weeks
SMA7 7.00Slip Fit Tube50014007.0014.137.250 - 1 Week
SMA8 8.00Slip Fit Tube50014008.0014.137.253 - 4 Weeks
SMA9 9.00Slip Fit Tube90020009.0017.138.130 - 1 Week


  • Significantly increases the life of filter element
  • SpinMeister precleaner is 85% efficient at 15 microns
  • Polished alumunium housing with stainless steel rotors
  • Temperature (continuous): min -60° F (-51° C) max 250° F (121° C)
  • Air is drawn through the angled opening, turning the rotor which is on heavy duty bearings. The centrifugal force separates the contaminants and expels them out through the discharge port. The clean dry air then enters into your equipment.
  • May be used with Solberg Inlet SpinMeister Filter Assemblies
  • Heavy duty vibration resistant stainless steel clamp


  • Engines
  • Compressor-Screw
  • Vacuum Pumps & Systems
  • SpinMeister precleaners are designed to remove most of the contaminants from the air that feeds the machine. The advantage of removing these contaminants are extended filter life, improved energy consumption and extended machinery life.


  • SpinMeister available in durable molded construction

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