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Crankcase Ventilation System

(Crankcase Ventilation Systems capture oil laden emissions (blow-by) from the crankcases of reciprocating engines and gen-sets. Comply with the latest RICE NESHAP Standards.)

Oil Mist Eliminator-Closed System
Example of Solberg's CCV Series on a Reciprocating Engine


Crankcase Ventilation Systems Contact Solberg for your specific solution.


  • 99.5% efficient at 0.3 micron
  • Full design and conformance documentation
  • Eliminates visible vented oil mist emissions
  • Removes potential health hazards and improves the quality of the environment
  • Maintains required crankcase vacuum/pressure to protect engine seals
  • Protects the turbocharger in closed crankcase scenarios in which emissions are directed to the engine intake
  • Recovers expensive lube oil lost during the venting process, which allows for efficient operation and lower maintenance costs
  • 5-10 ppm estimated oil carryover
  • Extensive flow range available: 10 CFM - 1500 CFM
  • Valve included for crankcase vacuum/pressure control
  • Low back pressure filter element design
  • External drain port for oil recovery
  • Leak tested to 0.5 bar pressure
  • Temperature: -40° F (-40° C) to 170° F (77° C)


  • Reciprocating Engines
  • Gen-Sets
  • Gas Compression
  • Marine Power Generation
  • Landfill Gas Recovery
  • Mechanical Drive
  • Electric Power Generation
  • Rice Neshap Emission Standards


  • Pressure relief valve
  • ATEX rated housings
  • Application specific designs
  • Blower or fan vacuum source
  • Redundant blower/motor configurations
  • Variable speed drives for automatic vacuum control
  • Chemical resistant & stainless steel materials
  • Leg supports & mounting bracket designs
  • Closed crankcase and static versions

Product Documents

Crankcase Ventilation Systems

White Paper for Solberg's Crankcase Ventilation Systems

Open Crankcase Ventilation Systems

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