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FS Series 1/2

FS Series 1/2"-6" Filter Silencers

Compact Filter Silencers with Standard Filter Design, Up to 1100 SCFM (1870 m3/hr)

FS Series 4

FS Series 4"-6" Flange Filter Silencers

Compact Filter Silencers, Up to 1100 SCFM (1870 m3/hr)

FS Series 6

FS Series 6"-14" Flange Big Boy Filter Silencers

Inlet Filter Silencers, Up to 6000 SCFM (7990 m3/hr)

FS Series 18

FS Series 18"-24" Flange "Sumo Class" Filter Silencer

Large Airflows in a Single Barrel Filter Design, Up to 8000 SCFM (13600 m3/hr)

FS Series 14

FS Series 14"-30"Flange, Multibarrel Filter Silencers

Multibarrel Filter Silencers, High Airflow Applications, Up to 25000 SCFM (42500 m3/hr)

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