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Breast Cancer Awareness


Breast Cancer Awareness Walk 2020

This year marks our 5th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk. Each year Solberg pledges and donates to the American Cancer Society for every mile walked by our employees.

This year we walked just over 120 miles, raising $5125.00!




Each Year We Raise Awareness by:

Wearing Pink on Fridays

Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

Selling Branded Apparel and Accessories

Making Donations to American Cancer Society

Employees donated money and purchased specially-made clothing & masks from the Solberg - Making Strides collection to raise awareness, as well as participated in the annual breast cancer walk & luncheon.

Employees also volunteered to help out during the walk with registration and handing out clothing and masks.

To everyone who participated and donated, thank you for making strides with us!

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