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2019 Benefit Report

The annual Benefit Report shows the year’s accomplishments, goals, & challenges within B Corp’s five broad performance categories (Governance & Operations, Workers, Customers, Environment, and Community) and demonstrates our dedication to responsible manufacturing across all operations.


A Letter From the President

Dear Readers,

I write this with the year 2019 behind us and as Covid strikes everywhere worldwide. It’s a particularly good time to take stock in what makes us strong and resilient in challenging times. We are comforted by making products that are needed in many of the industries tackling the Pandemic. As important, with the goal of bettering ourselves each year, the accomplishments of 2019 were timely, especially in the Social areas of the business as our employees look to us for guidance in how to respond and act in these difficult times.

The release of our Mantra & Mindset statement that complements our Mission and Guiding Principles and underscores the recognition that even though we each are one person, we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves. Each one of us are counted upon to carry our own weight (and then some!) for the benefit of all and that we’re connected by our collective purpose and being a part of our business family. We show this in the most basic of ways. We deliver dependable products and systems in the most responsible ways when we say we will 98% of the time!

We hope you enjoy this year’s annual report and see that our efforts to be intentional in the way we behave day in and day out are making a positive impact, some of which are tough to quantify!

Tor Solberg, President
Solberg Manufacturing, Inc.


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