Annual CSR Reporting



     People              Planet             Product             Power             Property         Prosperity      Philanthropy


A Measurable Approach to Positive Benefit

In 2010, Solberg defined seven key categories to track holistic efforts: People, Planet, Product, Property, Power, Prosperity, and Philanthropy, which have become known as the Seven P’s. We use these in our reporting to highlight our commitment to responsible manufacturing.

The annual Benefit Reports show each year’s accomplishments, goals, & challenges.
Highlighting the Seven P’s within B Corp’s five broad performance categories (Governance & Operations, Workers, Customers, Environment, and Community) demonstrates dedication to responsible manufacturing across all of our operations.



Certified B Corporations balance purpose and profit. In all endeavors, we consider and document the impact of our company’s decisions on our workers, customers, suppliers,
community, and the environment. Maintaining the B Corp certification ensures that we are part of a growing business community dedicated to using organizational efforts and resources as a force for good.

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