Hydraulic Reservoir Oil Tank Breathers

  • Air/oil separation technology
  • Vacuum & pressure equalization
  • Replaceable 10 micron filter

Gear Box Breathers

  • Compact designs
  • Threaded connections


With SOLBERG HB Breathers you can:

  • Protect hydraulic tanks, lube oil reservoirs, gearboxes & other enclosures that need bidirectional venting.
  • Improve flow dynamics, reduce noise, help maintain fluid purity, and minimize oil migration to the surrounding environment.
  • Keep your system free of contaminants and maximize uptime.


Static Vent Breathers

  • Corrosive resistant powder coat carbon steel
  • Internal drain back option
  • High efficiency fiberglass filter elements
  • 99.97% removal efficiency for 0.3 µm oil mist




With SOLBERG CV Breathers you can:

  • Eliminate visible oil mist emissions vented from gearboxes, crankcases and oil reservoirs
  • Prevent excess pressure






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