Clint Browning

Clint Browning is Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Solberg Manufacturing Inc., where he leads a committed team of filtration and separation experts, focused on growth and expansion within the vacuum pump, blower, compressor, and power generation equipment markets.  Prior to joining Solberg, Clint had a distinguished career in Industrial Sales, including leadership roles at United Process Group and Hendee Enterprises where he was involved in new product development and building sales organizations from early stage to market leadership positions.

He holds a BS in Technology from the University of Houston, and resides with his wife, Elizabeth, and two daughters Cate and Chloe, in Riverside, IL.


How Do I Select and Properly Size an Inlet Filter?

The key to achieving peak output performance from your equipment is ensuring clean, unrestricted air flow at the inlet. This article discusses the process of selecting an inlet filter for your blower, compressor, or vacuum pump.

When to Choose a Standard or Custom Air & Gas Industrial Filtration System.

There are two options when it comes to installing an industrial air filtration system: standard or custom. Both types of solutions can be effective. Let's discuss the merits of both solution types.

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