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Case Studies

We help customers build safe, effective, and efficient systems. We pride ourselves on delivering the results our customers need in a wide variety of industries. 

To see solutions we have developed and deployed for others in the past, take a look at some of our case studies. From standby gen-sets to marine power installations to combined heat and power applications, Solberg has worked with them all.


Crankcase Ventilation for University New CHP Engine: CAT G3520H

A power systems dealer on the east coast of the United States required a reliable closed Crankcase ventilation solution. A closed system is routed back to the low pressure side of the turbo, downstream of the air cleaner. This was for a new Combined Heat and Power (CHP) gas engine application for a large University expansion project.

Crankcase Ventilation for Infirmary CHP Engine: CAT G3520H

A power systems dealer partnered with an infirmary to supply three gas engines for a CHP project. The existing crankcase breather systems were allowing bypass to contaminate the engine intake air filters and subsequently the internal engine components, the turbo charger and inter coolers. “This became quite serious when we found crystallized oil on the turbo blades which led to a costly overhaul.”

Crankcase Ventilation for Landfill Gas to Energy: Jenbacher Engines

A landfill gas to energy facility had ten enclosure mounted Jenbacher J420GS engines. The site was experiencing inter-cooler issues and other engine challenges. The existing crankcase ventilation filter routed the crankcase blow-by back into the turbo where bypass and carryover were being seen. They wanted to eliminate and isolate the crankcase ventilation system and vent to atmosphere.

Crankcase Ventilation for Natural Gas Engines: Cummins QSK60 & QSV91

On a handful of Cummins engines, the crankcase ventilation systems were under-performing, even failing. They tried many different styles and types of closed crankcase systems with no success. These systems had minimal element life and high crankcase pressures. Low-efficiency elements did not provide the needed protection for the turbo and aftercoolers, therefore, service costs were increasing.

Crankcase Ventilation for Greenhouse New CHP Engines: CAT G3516H

A large Caterpillar Power Systems dealer in Europe approached Solberg in 2013 as they were having challenges with their current crankcase ventilation system on three CAT G3516H gas engines. There was significant contamination of the turbo with oil mist from the crankcase. Maintaining a specific vacuum/suction level in the crankcase was also proving to be difficult.

Crankcase Ventilation for New CHP Engines: CAT G3512E

A power systems dealer was looking for a reliable closed crankcase solution. This was a new installation for three Caterpillar G3512E natural gas engines in the Mid-West United States.These engines were to be used in a CHP application.

Crankcase Ventilation for New Marine Diesel Engine: CAT C280-12

A Caterpillar Power Systems dealer was looking for a reliable crankcase ventilation solution. The solution needed to effectively capture oil mist and keep it out of the surrounding environment. This was a re-power of two boats receiving two new C280-12 marine propulsion engines.

Crankcase Ventilation for Marine Diesel Engines: Mitsubishi SR16-Y3MPTAW

A marine vessel was being outfit with a new Mitsubishi engine that would require a closed crankcase system. Solberg was contacted to provide a complete crankcase system to be used. The kit would include a high efficiency coalescing filter (99.97% @ 0.3um) with an integrated under pressure regulating valve along with multiple air cleaners, hoses, adapters and brackets.

Crankcase Ventilation for Fishing Vessel Engine Retrofit: John Deere 6068 TFM76

The owner of a Pacific Northwest fishing vessel was in need of a crankcase ventilation system for his John Deere 6068 TFM76 engine. The current system was not effectively capturing the crankcase blow by oil mist. This was an issue as it created a hazard in the engine room.

Crankcase Ventilation for Sightseeing and Water Taxi Engine Retrofit: John Deere 4045

A Chicago based transportation and sightseeing company was experiencing difficulties maintaining their fleet of water craft due to ineffective crankcase ventilation systems installed on their John Deere 4045 engines. In addition to expensive change outs, the oil mist carryover and bypass from their existing system caused maintenance problems with alternators.

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Looking for other references or past examples of our service? Contact a Solberg representative today. We’re always happy to discuss our experience and your project requirements.

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