Crankcase Ventilation for Greenhouse New CHP Engines: CAT G3516H

The Equipment

Caterpillar G3516H Gas Engine


The Challenge

A large Caterpillar Power Systems dealer in Europe approached Solberg in 2013 as they were having challenges with their current crankcase ventilation system on three CAT G3516H gas engines. There was significant contamination of the turbo with oil mist from the crankcase. Maintaining a specific vacuum/suction level in the crankcase was also proving to be difficult.

The Solution

Their team performed a side by side comparison on the engines. They tested Solberg’s filtration efficiency and vacuum regulation versus the previously installed unit. The main point of focus was cleanliness of the engine turbo as the filtered crankcase blowby was piped back to the turbo. Their team was hands on and very detailed in their approach, testing and follow up with Solberg. After 4000 hours of testing, it was clear that the Solberg unit was superior.


Solberg provided an earlier version of its ACVB units. Since 2013 Solberg has provided over 30+ systems for use with the G3500 series gas engine. We have partnered and modified our system to meet the needs of the engines and packages.

The Product

The ACVB is designed to protect your engine’s turbo, coolers, and inlet air filters as well as help ensure environmental compliance while keeping engine rooms clean, safe and free of oil mist. The series comes standard with industry leading automated vacuum control technology to regulate crankcase pressure and prevent seal leakage. The replaceable filter element contains a proprietary media pack offering exceptional efficiency levels with an extremely long life, allowing operators up to one year before an element change is required.

Solberg Products Provided


  • ACVB-80136-PS-J
  • Advanced Crankcase Ventilation with insulation jacket on main canister and pre-separator.

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