Crankcase Ventilation for Sightseeing and Water Taxi Engine Retrofit: John Deere 4045

The Challenge

A Chicago based transportation and sightseeing company was experiencing difficulties maintaining their fleet of water craft due to ineffective crankcase ventilation systems installed on their John Deere 4045 engines. In addition to expensive change outs every
200-300 hours (1-2 months), the oil mist carryover and bypass from their existing system caused maintenance problems with alternators and would also cover the engine room floors and walls with oily residue, creating potential safety hazards for employees. Extending the service interval to a full season and reducing overall maintenance costs were the key drivers for improvement and the operator looked to Solberg for a solution that would help them meet their maintenance objectives.

The Solution

Solberg offered its ACV Series Advanced Crankcase Ventilation System as a solution to both regulate engine crankcase pressure and remove harmful oil mist emissions that could damage the turbo or bypass their existing unit and vent into the engine room. Solberg
also replaced the original engine intake air filter to complete the crankcase ventilation system upgrade.


With the ACV retrofit, the operator was able to extend their maintenance interval from 1-2 months to an entire year before requiring a change out. In addition, the alternator issues were solved and the engine rooms made much safer as the oil mist is no longer
accumulating on the floors and equipment.

The Product

The ACV is designed to protect your engine’s turbo, coolers, and inlet air filters as well as help ensure environmental compliance while keeping engine rooms clean, safe & free of oil mist. The series comes standard with industry leading automated vacuum control technology to regulate crankcase pressure and prevent seal leakage. The replaceable
filter element contains a proprietary media pack offering exceptional efficiency levels with an extremely long life, allowing operators up to one year before an element change is required.

Solberg Products Provided


  • ACV-1-5-100L Advanced Crankcase Ventilation system
  • ACV Accessory Components consisting of clear
  • vacuum-rated drain hose, hose barbs, and check valve
  • FT-235-400T Engine Intake Air Filter


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