Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) - Primary Equipment - Moisture & Particulate Removal


The Equipment

Suction Blower / Compressor


The Challenge

A large Renewable Natural Gas producer in the U.S. required moisture and particulate removal for the primary treatment of thier biogas.  These filters are for the inlet of a compressor that has a gas stream of Methane, Nitrogen, Water, H2S, and CO2.  This filtration is one of the initial steps in treating the biogas to upgrade it to Renewable Natural Gas.  

The Solution

Solberg’s engineering team reviewed the biogas process data and designed an element and filter vessel to satisfy the application and site-specific layout requirements.   The element and filter vessel construction consisted of stainless steel metallic components to handle the H2S that is present in the gas stream.  The element contained a specific core to meet a burst pressure rating.  The media selected can handle the water present and meet the particulate/contaminant size and efficiency requirements while maintaining a very low differential pressure.  Precise element pleat height and spacing were optimized to promote maximum loading potential and element longevity. 


Integrating a Solberg-supplied solution accomplished the task of capturing the desired particulate while maintaining a low differential pressure.  The Stainless Steel construction is critical to maintaining element integrity and longevity while exposed to H2S.  Custom supports and dimensionally specific inlet and outlet locations allowed for a seamless drop-in solution.  Additional units have been procured for more installs at existing sites. 


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