Crankcase Ventilation for Marine Engines: S16R-Y3MPTAW

The Challenge

A marine vessel was being outfit with a new Mitsubishi engine that would require a closed crankcase system. Solberg was contacted to provide a complete crankcase system to be used on the above engine make and model. The kit would include a high efficiency coalescing filter (99.97% @ 0.3um) with an integrated under pressure regulating valve along with multiple air cleaners, hoses, adapters and brackets.

The Solution

Using the engine technical specifications Solberg calculated the amount of suction required for our high efficiency crankcase filter to operate while maintaining a slight under pressure in the crankcase. Solberg used this to size (4) intake air cleaners with an orifice plate to provide the required suction needed for the crankcase filter to operate. A complete kit was created that included everything needed for an out-of-the-box install. This included air cleaners, crankcase ventilation filter, adapters, hoses, brackets and gauges. This system will self‐adjust via the integrated under pressure regulating valve as the air cleaners dirty over time. The set under pressure level in the crankcase will remain within the set range. The Solberg Closed Crankcase System will remove and reclaim the oil mist in the crankcase blow‐by, remove particulate and prevent contamination to the turbo and intercoolers. Other Mitsubishi Marine Engine kits are also available.

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