Advanced Closed Crankcase Ventilation

Crankcases produce oil and mist particulate emissions in marine and stationary reciprocating engines and gen-sets. These emissions can compromise your engine’s performance and lead to expensive repairs in the future. 

The solution? Crankcase ventilation systems capture these hazardous blow-by emissions. A high-efficiency CCV filter prevents oil mist from discharging into the atmosphere in an open configuration. Additionally, a crankcase ventilation filter protects an engine’s turbocharger, intercooler, and exhaust catalyst from contamination in a closed configuration.

Solberg’s crankcase filtration solutions optimize engine performance and reduce the number of costly operator repairs. Both open and closed style ventilation systems regulate crankcase vacuum/pressure via manual or automatic controls, preventing leaks and oil loss through the engine seals.

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Powered Crankcase Ventilation Systems

Solberg’s SME, BAE, and ACVB series oil mist eliminators work with both open and closed crankcase ventilation systems. They use an integrated vacuum source, such as a blower or fan, to extract blow-by and control crankcase pressure. Browse our options to find the right one for your engine.

Closed Crankcase Ventilation Systems - ACV Series

Our ACV series closed crankcase ventilation systems use suction from the engine’s intake and turbo to extract blow-by. The series incorporates industry-leading automated vacuum-control technology to regulate pressure and prevent seal leakage. Our high-performance crankcase ventilation filter elements capture hazardous emissions to protect the engine and ensure environmental compliance.

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