Chemical Vacuum Traps


Solberg’s Chemical Traps can be used to protect a variety of vacuum pump technologies from particulate, liquid, aerosol, and vapor contaminants. 

Multiple insert options and configurations are available to ensure pumps are properly protected. The trap minimizes pump oil contamination resulting in significantly fewer oil change-outs and reduced maintenance costs.

Solberg’s VTS/VTL Inlet Vacuum Trap Series offers multiple configurations including:

  • Molecular Sieve Trap
  • Steel Wool Trap
  • Particulate Filter Trap

Contact us for more information on our Chemical Adsorption Traps and configurations. We are happy to guide you to the right filtration products for your application.


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  • All stainless steel construction
  • Integrated drain port
  • Connections available NW16, 25, 40, 50
  • Vacuum service down to 1x10-3 Torr
  • Leak rate: 1x10-7 mbar l/s
  • Temperature range -20°C to 150°C
  • Fine bead blast finish
  • Viton O-ring


Molecular Sieve

  • Traps water vapor and other gases
  • Rechargeable 13X Zeolite desiccant
  • Integral 120 VAC or 240 VAC regeneration heater
  • Reduce oil change-out

Metal Wool

  • Trap hydrocarbons and large particulate
  • Replaceable stainless steel or copper insert
  • Reduce contamination

Chemical Adsorbents

  • Trap chemicals and corrosives
  • Chemical compatible adsorbents available (ie: activated carbon, alumina, SodaSorb, etc.)
  • Reduce hazards

Fine Particulate

  • Trap fine particulate
  • Multiple media available (down to .2 micron at 99.99% efficiency)
  • Reduce dust and particle ingestion





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