HydroVac Truck Vacuum Filters

Optimize Vacuum Truck Efficiency with Vacuum Filtration

Filtration plays a crucial role in the operation, effectiveness, and efficiency of all industrial vacuum trucks, including hydro excavator trucks, dry vacuum trucks, sewer vacuum trucks, and vacuum trailers. Liquid separators and replacement filter elements, also known as cartridges, are widely utilized in these vehicles, serving as the final level of defense to safeguard the vacuum source (vacuum pump or blower) from liquid, dust, and particulate. Protecting the vacuum source is paramount for the following reasons:

  • Safeguarding Equipment:

    The vacuum pump or blower in a vacuum truck is a costly and essential component. Without appropriate filtration, liquid, dust, and particulates could reach the rotating equipment, leading to damage, breakdowns, and expensive repairs.
  • Maintaining efficiency:

    An efficient vacuum truck is a productive one. By preventing debris from interfering with the source of the suctions, the filters ensure the truck can continue its tasks uninterrupted, saving time and resources.
  • Preserving Air Quality:

    Vacuum trucks often work in environments such as residential areas where breathing air quality is essential. In addition to protecting the vacuum pump or blower, Solberg filters ensure the air exhausted from the truck is clean and safe.
  • Minimizing Downtime:

    Repairs and maintenance due to contamination can result in significant downtime for a vacuum truck, disrupting essential services and causing financial losses. Liquid separators and replacement filter cartridges help minimize these interruptions, keeping the truck operating and reliable.


Selecting a Vacuum Truck Filter Element

The particulate filter element is the heart of the filtration system, acting as the final barrier against contamination reaching the vacuum source. When it comes to construction of the filter element, there are a couple of features to be discussed:

  • Endcap Construction:

    Filter endcaps can be constructed using metal endcaps with gaskets or molded plastisol endcaps. 
  • Filter Media:

    Pleated polyester media (ranging from 1-100 micron) is typically used, although wire mesh media can be used when coarse filtration is acceptable. To learn more about the various filter media Solberg can offer, please visit Filter Media Specifications.

Filter cartridges are exposed to harsh operating conditions and are expected to have a long lifespan. We manufacture these filter elements in our Illinois facility using only the highest quality materials to ensure their durability. Our products are made in the USA and have a proven track record of over 20 years of quality performance.

To learn more about vacuum truck filtration and construction of Solberg filter elements, please read our blog or contact us for assistance.

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