Filtration and Separation: Filters, Traps, Silencers, Oil Mist Filters

Your industrial equipment is only as strong as your maintenance protocols. The functionality and longevity of every tool hangs on your ability to care for and repair it as necessary. That’s why investing in high-quality filters, silencers, and traps is a smart move...


These industrial filtration products prevent airborne particles and other contaminants from entering the rest of your workspace, compromising equipment integrity and lifespan. Protecting your valuable tools from contamination is one of the smartest decisions you can make in the manufacturing business - and we’re here to help.


Browse some of the finest standard industrial filtration products in the industry. We design these to cover a wide range of application requirements, as well as to lower your costs and improve operations as a whole. Ask how our filtration products can improve your system’s protection and longevity.


Have Questions About Industrial Filtration?


We’re here to match your needs with our complete line of industrial filters, traps, and silencers.


Reach out to a Solberg representative online or request a quote today. Send us any questions you might have via our online form. We look forward to hearing from you.



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