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Inlet Filtration & Silencing

Excessive noise can be disruptive to a productive work environment. If your equipment is emitting unwanted noise and pulsations, you need effective silencing solutions. That’s where Solberg filter silencers with reactive and absorptive noise abatement technologies help.


Solberg’s high-quality filter silencers reduce noise and deliver exceptional performance in tough operating environments. The industrial duty designs offer filtration protection and noise attenuation in one compact package. Filter silencers can be used at the inlet of your equipment as hydraulic breathers, as vent breathers, or as noise control for vacuum breaker valves...


With a variety of inlet filter media options available - including polyester, paper, and wire mesh - our filter silencers protect your blowers, compressors, and fans while keeping the surrounding environment quieter. 

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Reach out to a Solberg representative for assistance - we’ll guide you toward the right filter or compressor silencer. You can also request a quote or contact us online with questions or concerns.

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