Vacuum Filters for Emergency & Standby Power Systems

In the dynamic landscape of data centers and other power critical markets, the need for reliable standby emergency power solutions cannot be overstated. Standby and emergency power systems are essential components of critical infrastructure, providing backup electricity during outages or emergencies. These systems are vital for ensuring uninterrupted operations in various industries, including data centers, hospitals, telecommunications, and manufacturing facilities.  

Emergency and Standby Power Systems

Emergency power systems are equipped with automatic transfer switches (ATS) that detect power outages and seamlessly switch the load from the primary power source to the backup generator. This ensures continuity of operations and prevents disruptions that could result in significant financial losses or compromise safety.

Standby power is typically generated by backup generators that can be activated automatically or manually when the primary power source fails. These generators are often powered by diesel, natural gas, or propane engines and are designed to provide reliable electricity during emergencies or planned maintenance downtime.  


Optimizing Backup Generators with Closed Crankcase Ventilation

Ensuring an uninterrupted power supply during emergencies is crucial. Solberg's SCV Closed Crankcase Ventilation Systems stand as indispensable solutions, providing data centers and engine packagers with reliability, efficiency, and peace of mind during critical operations. By incorporating Solberg's Closed Crankcase Ventilation Systems into your standby emergency power installations, you can: 

  • Ensure Engine Integrity: Prevent excessive crankcase pressures and oil contamination, reducing the risk of engine damage and downtime during critical operations. 
  • Maximize Equipment Performance: Optimize engine efficiency and reliability, ensuring dependable power generation when it's needed most. 
  • Efficient Emissions Control: Continuous removal of harmful gases to ensure compliance with regulations and prevent environmental impact. 
  • Reliability Assurance: Minimization of oil contamination and engine wear, maximizing the lifespan and reliability of backup generators. 

Solberg's SCV Closed Crankcase Ventilation Systems offer efficient emissions control and reliability assurance, ensuring compliance with regulations and maximizing the lifespan and reliability of backup generators. 

Solberg offers a specialized range of Closed Crankcase Ventilation Systems tailored specifically for data centers and engine packagers. Our SCV series includes advanced solutions designed to optimize engine performance and reliability in standby emergency power applications.

Contact us for more information on our filtration solutions for Standby and Emergency Power Systems. 

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