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We are filtration, silencing and separation specialists dedicated to engineering and manufacturing innovative solutions that help customers in a wide variety of markets.


Power Generation

Control crank case, gear box and oil reservoir emissions created during the operation of engines, turbines, compressors and other rotating equipment.  Our solutions help reduce costs and mitigate potential health, safety and environmental risks.

Our oil mist eliminating solutions capture and coalesce visible oil mist aerosols and recycle them back to the console or separate storage area. Our vacuum assisted eliminators are designed to maintain crankcase pressure levels and reduce the potential for oil leaks caused by excess pressure. 


Vacuum Process Filtration & Separation

We cater to the full range of vacuum technology, including rotary vane, rotary screw, liquid ring, rotary piston and scroll pumps. We offer various connection styles & configurations to meet piping requirements. High temperature or chemical grade needs? We can meet them with our variety of filter media options.


Specialty Products

We offer a complete line of specialty products for unique vacuum applications. Our series protect pumps from ingesting harmful liquids. All liquid knock-out products can be tailored to meet a specific applications requirements and options include automated draining, specialty coatings and more.



Prefiltration can be a valuable step in a vacuum process. Solberg offers products that allow you to improve run time between cycles and facilitate maintenance. Our systems are critical to preventing loss of vacuum during run cycles.


Vacuum Pump Discharge & Air / Oil Separation 

For vacuum discharge pumps, our full range of air/oil separation products protect surrounding environments from harmful emmissions which can affect worker health & safety as well as surounding processes.

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