Suction Scrubbers, Interstage Scrubbers, and Oil Separators for Gas Compressors

Biogas, Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), landfill gas, and natural gas streams can all be highly contaminated with fine particulate, water, and other harmful compounds. These can damage your gas gathering and compression equipment if not properly handled. 

The solution: scrubbers. Suction and interstage natural gas scrubbers filter out particles and liquids to ensure reliable equipment performance.

Solberg provides customized gas scrubber systems and also discharge oil separators for oil-lubricated compressors. Our filtration solutions protect various compressor stages and downstream equipment, including gas turbines and engines.

Designed to Meet Required Gas Scrubber Standards

Our products can be manufactured to meet a variety of code requirements, including ASME, PED, and ATEX.

These gas scrubber designs include multiple filtration stages to remove contamination from the gas stream: baffle plates, demister pads, and high-efficiency filters. Various construction materials and finishes are available, from epoxy-coated carbon steel to 316L stainless steel.

Learn More About Effective Gas Scrubber Systems

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