Scrubbers & Air/Oil Separators

Suction Inter-Stage Fuel Gas Scrubbers are used to protect gas compressors from fine particulate and condensate. Without proper filtration, compressor performance is reduced. Solberg provides both vessels and filter elements for these applications.

Capture and coalesce visible oily aerosol mist and recycle it back to the console or a separate storage area. These products reduce costs and mitigate potential health, safety and environmental risks.

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  • Natural Gas Oil Separator
Natural Gas Oil Separator
  • Overview


  • Carbon steel construction
  • Protects equipment from liquid and particulate entrained in the gas stream
  • Multi-Stage Separation: 316SS vane pack for liquid removal, 316SS mesh pad for trace liquid removal, optional high efficiency filter element
  • Fabricated in accordance with ASME vessel code section VIII Division I
  • Designed for specific application conditions
  • Protects equipment from condensate, oil, and particulate entrained in the gas stream
  • Multi-stage separation
  • 316 SS vane pack and/or demister pad for heavy condensate and oil removal
  • 99.97% efficient at 0.3 micron separator for oil mist
  • Corrosive resistent carbon steel construction


  • Stainless steel housings available
  • Support stands
  • Float level port and switch
  • Special standards: PED, CRN, ATEX
  • Replaceable filter elements in various efficiencies
  • Flush port for vessel cleaning
  • Removable vessel top for element service
  • Davit arm for vessel top removal
  • Special coatings or finishes
  • Vessel code sec. VIII division I
  • Gauge ports, float switches
  • Custom leg supports


  • Compressor-Screw
  • Reciprocating Engines
  • Gen-Sets
  • Blowers for Gas Boosting
  • Gas Turbines
  • Landfill and Bio-Gas Recovery
  • Fuel Gas for Engines/Turbines
  • Gas Compression
  • Gas Pipeline Boosting
  • Oil sealed screw compressor discharge
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