CCV and Oil Mist Filtration for Marine Propulsion

The marine propulsion and auxiliary power markets are essential sectors within the maritime industry, encompassing a wide range of vessels, from cargo ships and cruise liners to offshore platforms and naval vessels. 

Marine propulsion systems are responsible for propelling vessels through water, utilizing various technologies such as diesel engines, gas turbines, electric motors, and hybrid systems. These propulsion systems are designed to provide efficient and reliable power to navigate vessels across oceans and waterways, while also meeting environmental regulations and minimizing fuel consumption. 

Auxiliary power systems provide essential onboard services and support functions, including electrical power generation, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), freshwater production, and cargo handling. handling. These systems ensure the smooth operation of onboard equipment and amenities, enhancing the comfort and safety of crew and passengers while optimizing vessel performance and efficiency. 

The marine propulsion and auxiliary power markets are characterized by a continuous focus on innovation and sustainability, with efforts directed towards the development of cleaner and more efficient propulsion technologies, such as LNG (liquefied natural gas) propulsion, fuel cell systems, and battery-electric propulsion. Additionally, advancements in digitalization and automation are driving improvements in vessel efficiency, safety, and operational flexibility. 


Optimize Engine Performance with Crankcase and Oil Mist Filtration Solutions   

In the marine industry, inadequate crankcase ventilation can lead to a range of issues, including increased emissions, reduced engine efficiency, and accelerated wear. Solberg's Advanced Crankcase Ventilation (ACV) and Suction Muffler Eliminator (SME) crankcase ventilation systems provide a comprehensive solution to these challenges: 

  • Efficient Oil Mist Removal: Solberg systems effectively capture and remove oil mist and vapors, preventing their release into the environment and reducing the risk of engine contamination. 
  • Optimized Engine Performance: By maintaining proper crankcase ventilation, Solberg systems ensure optimal combustion and engine efficiency, maximizing power output and fuel efficiency. 
  • Environmental Compliance: Solberg solutions help vessels meet stringent environmental regulations by minimizing emissions and promoting sustainable maritime practices. 
  • Extended Engine Lifespan: Proper crankcase ventilation reduces the buildup of harmful gases and contaminants, extending the lifespan of marine engines and reducing maintenance costs over time. 

Solberg's ACV and SME crankcase ventilation systems are essential components for marine vessels of all sizes, providing efficiency, reliability, and environmental compliance in the demanding maritime environment. We offer the following specialized crankcase ventilation solutions tailored for the marine industry: 

  • ACV (Air-Cooled Vent): Designed for efficient removal of oil mist and vapors from marine engine crankcases, ensuring clean and safe operation. 
  • SME (Suction, Muffler, Eliminator): Advanced system combining suction, muffling, and elimination capabilities to optimize engine performance and environmental compliance. 


Contact us for more information on our crankcase ventilation solutions for marine applications. 




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