Vacuum Technology for the RNG & Biogas Industry 

The Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) industry represents a pivotal shift towards sustainable energy production, converting organic waste into clean and renewable fuel sources. As RNG facilities continue to proliferate, maintaining operational efficiency and product quality becomes paramount. Key products such as primary filtration solutions, liquid knockout vessels, and specialty oil mist filter elements are essential for ensuring the integrity of RNG production processes. Proper filtration removes contaminants and impurities, safeguarding equipment performance and product purity while enhancing production efficiency and sustainability. 

Optimize Gas Compressor Performance with Suction Scrubber/Liquid Knockout Vessels and Oil Mist Filtration 

In the RNG industry, maintaining high product purity is crucial for meeting regulatory standards and consumer expectations. Solberg's primary filtration solutions, liquid knockout vessels, and specialty oil mist elements provide a comprehensive solution to these challenges: 

  • Contaminant Removal: Solberg filtration systems effectively capture and remove contaminants and impurities from RNG production streams, ensuring product purity and quality. 
  • Equipment Protection: By preventing contaminants from reaching critical equipment components, our systems extend equipment lifespan and reduce maintenance requirements, maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing downtime. 
  • Environmental Compliance: We help RNG facilities meet regulatory requirements and environmental standards by ensuring the purity and quality of RNG production streams, promoting sustainable and responsible energy production practices. 

Specialized Knockout Vessels, Particulate Filters, and Oil Mist Filters 

Our liquid knockout vessels and specialty oil mist elements are indispensable components for RNG production facilities, providing efficiency, reliability, and environmental compliance in the pursuit of a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. Solberg offers a range of specialized filtration systems tailored for the RNG industry, including: 

  • Scrubber Vessels: Engineered for efficient removal of contaminants and impurities from RNG production streams, ensuring high product purity and quality. 
  • Specialty Filtration: Customized filtration solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of RNG production processes, delivering reliable and consistent performance in demanding environments.


Contact us for more information on our filtration solutions for the RNG and Biogas industries. 

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