Solvent Recovery for Essential Oil Application


The Equipment

Rotary Vane Pump (12 M3/H)


The Challenge

An essential oil producer was experiencing frequent oil changes and costly rebuilds with their rotary vane vacuum pump. As part of the extraction process, the pump pulls vacuum to remove solvents. Subsequently, they determined that ethanol was being pulled into the vacuum pump, causing the oil to degrade. When the pump was shut off for long periods, it would be slow to start and achieve base pressure.

The Solution

Solberg offered a Liquid Nitrogen Trap (LNT) to help capture solvents and freeze contamination before it could reach the vacuum pump.


After the LNT was installed, the customer recorded a 95% Ethanol recovery rate. Oil changes went from three times a week to once a month, and their rebuild schedule decreased to once a year. 

The Product
Solberg’s LNT has an innovative fin design to help increase surface area and efficiency. It also has a portable and versatile design with its Laboratory Bench stand.


Solberg Products Provided



  • LNT-850-NW25S1


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