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Pre-Cleaner Filters Extend Service Intervals

The Equipment

Gardner Denver Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Pump (150 m3/hr)


The Challenge

The application used water-sealed liquid ring vacuum pumps to open packets while filling them with a sports drink powder. After switching to oil-sealed rotary vane pumps, the end user recognized the need for filtration to prevent the carryover of fine powder.

The Solution

Solberg supplied SpinMeister® vacuum filter assemblies to act as a pre-cleaner before the final two stages of fine filtration. The clear polycarbonate collection bucket allowed the end user to complete a simple visual inspection of collected contaminants.


The cyclone feature offered by the Spinmeister helped separate large volumes of powder to help extend the service interval of the filter cartridges installed downstream, ultimately leading to optimal vacuum pump health.

The Product

The SpinMeister® Pre-Cleaner eliminates large particulate from the air stream. The air stream then enters the particulate filter (optional) and is filtered by 99+% efficient pleated elements.

Solberg Products Provided

  • SpinMeister® ST Series


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