Liquid Separator Protects Vacuum Pump from Volatile Contamination


The Equipment

Leybold Dry Compressing Vacuum Pump (630 m3/hr)


The Challenge

The customer carries out a vacuum drying process to remove moisture content from polymers. Due to the nature of the plastic materials, and the deep operating vacuum level, volatiles carried over to the screw vacuum technology, resulting in the requirement for regular pump maintenance. 

The Solution

Solberg supplied STS Liquid Separator assemblies to protect the dry vacuum pump. The clear polycarbonate collection bucket allowed the end user to complete a simple visual inspection of collected contaminants. 


The STS removes healthy liquid levels, preventing them from entering the vacuum pump and promoting optimal equipment health.

The Product

With the STS Series, inlet air with potentially harmful liquid and large particulates are separated from the housing by baffling mechanisms and changes in the direction of flow. The larger particles and liquid drop down and collect at the bottom of the separator. The float capsule within the separator screen rises with the liquid level until max capacity and limits the flow, thereby protecting the pump from damage.



Solberg Products Provided


  • STS Series 


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