Sulfur Removal in Landfill Gas Stream

The Challenge

A landfill owner in the Southeastern United States needed to remove elemental sulfur from a large landfill gas stream. Along with capturing the sulfur, the elements would handle a large flow rate while maintaining a low differential pressure. The removal of the sulfur would help to protect a newly installed chiller. The gas would then be fed to a turbine to generate electrical power.

The Solution

Solberg partnered with the landfill owner and operator along with the vessel manufacture selected. Solberg’s engineering team reviewed the landfill gas process data and designed a specialty element to satisfy the requirements. Element construction consisted of stainless steel metallic components and a process gas specific adhesive. The specific media was designed to maintain a low differential pressure and precise pleat spacing for element integrity.


The Solberg-supplied solution accomplished the task of capturing the elemental sulfur while maintaining a low differential pressure. The desired element life was also

Solberg Products Provided


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